Wat voor type zorgverleners kunt u verwachten van Zuster in Huis?

Kandidaten die ervaring, affiniteit en vaak een opleiding hebben genoten in de zorg. Onze mensen bieden persoonlijke verzorging, begeleiding en dagelijkse ondersteuning afgestemd op uw wensen en zorgbehoefte. Zij zijn door ons goed geïnformeerd en voorbereid op de komst naar Nederland.

Om u een idee te geven presenteren wij hieronder een aantal van onze zorgverleners.

Dorina is a wonderful and smart candidate. She has much experience with childcare, newborn to age 12 years old. She has worked as a nanny before in several countries. She is willing to come to the Netherlands to take care of children. Dorina is an active person who likes to play sports. She loves to engage in fun activities for the children.
Letitia is a very professional, positive and independant candidate. She has a passion for children, and she has worked at a day care centre for 2 years. She has experience in caring for children between the ages of 6 months to 4 months old. Letitia is a good cook and she has plenty experience following safety and hygiëne rules in preparing the food. Letitia is prepared to be a live-in nanny, but live-out would also be fine. Letitia would make a perfect addition to any family with small children.
This is Hannah Atkinson. With an experience as a live in nanny for over three years, she is very experienced. Hannah has a great passion for children, and has taken care of children ages 2 until 17 years old. Hannah is a very professional and hard working person. She is kind and loving, open for new adventures and always willing to learn more about childcare.
Meet our lovely Mariana Melo who is 22 years old. Mariana explains that she has lived in many countries over the years. Mariana came to the Netherlands over a year ago to study Public International Law in Leiden. She enjoys cooking very much. She learned to cook originally while working in a Portuguese restaurant. She was originally born in Portugal as she has a Portuguese father and an American mother. She also enjoys to bake and loves to include the children with this.